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Lacs Solar, Caroline, Evans

Health Report 2019


Eurasian Milfoil

Information / Prevention

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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the health of the aquatic environment and watersheds of our lakes

Summer Event Calendar


Saturday May 15th, 2 pm    - Lake access cleanup ch. des Pionniers lake access


Saturday June 12th, 10 am  - ALSCE Annual General Assembly 


Saturday July 31st,  4 pm     - Annual BBQ  chemin des Pionniers, lac Solar

According to the COVID-19 measures applicable to our region

Boat Wash

Eurasian Milfoil is an invasive plant that hitches a ride on boats and can harm our lakes. We ask residents to wash their boats before putting them into the water

Boat Sticker

Boat stickers identify residents on our lakes. New ALSCE members get 2 boat stickers. Additional stickers can be purchased for $3.00 ea.