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Lacs Solar, Caroline, Evans

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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the health of the aquatic environment and watersheds of our lakes

Summer Event Calendar


Saturday July 31st,  4 pm     - Annual BBQ  chemin des Pionniers, lac Solar

According to the COVID-19 measures applicable to our region

 Annual BBQ - July 31st  4:00 pm

ALSCE_Epluchette 2019_1050165
ALSCE_Epluchette 2019_1050165

ALSCE_Epluchette 2019_1050164
ALSCE_Epluchette 2019_1050164


ALSCE_Epluchette 2019_1050165
ALSCE_Epluchette 2019_1050165


The annual ALSCE BBQ (corn, and hot-dogs) to be held on July 31st at 4 pm at the access of Lac Solar on chemin des Pionniers. This event will be open to all residents of the three lakes: so, do not hesitate to invite non-members to join us to see what membership in our association is all about.

We've made some great memories over the years. It's time to make new ones !

To become member of the association, or to renew your membership, bring $20.00 to the BBQ


Membership Renewal

Become a member or renew your ALSCE membership. 

The annual membership fee is $20.00

Membership fees can be paid in person at the BBQ or by Interac eTransfer from your bank account to alsce.gore@gmail.com 

Help us continue to protect out lakes!

Lake Access Cleanup - May 15th 

ALSCE members cleaned up the access sites to lakes Solar, Caroline and Evans.