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Lacs Solar, Caroline, Evans

Health Report 2019


Eurasian Milfoil

Information / Prevention

Together let's protect our lakes and our environment

Beautify and Protect your Lakefront

Riparian Strips are linear bands of vegetation planted adjacent to lake fronts beautify and improve lake water quality by trapping and removing dead vegetation, and pollutants on land from flowing into the water. They are one of the most effective ways to halt soil erosion and reduce eutrophication of our lakes.

If you’re thinking of improving the look of your property this summer, planting riparian strips is a great way to not only beautify your property but also protect our lakes. Click here for a list of plants (French Only)

Annual BBQ

Saturday June 10th, 2023  4:00 pm

Trinity Community Centre Gore

2 chemin Cambira

Dam Work - Summer 2023


The Lac Solar Dam was completely opened at the end of May. The water level has now descended to the desired level and the city plans to begin work on the dam during the week of June 5th. 

For further details please see the township of Gore.

Boat Identification


To help maintain our lakes clean, we now require all water transportation equipment (canoe, kayaks, paddleboards, etc.) be identified with the Association sticker as well as your address.

Boat stickers identify residents on our lakes. ALSCE will be providing boat stickers to all members free of charge on demand.

Your address should start with the name of your lake of residence, either Solar, Evans or Caroline, followed by your address. For example "Solar-330 Tamarac"

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