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Annual General Meeting


This year's annual general meeting was attended by 20 members. The following are the highlights from the meeting.

Membership Fee
The annual membership fee remains at $ 20 for 2020-2021. You can pay now by:


Board of Directors

Each year, the directors are elected alternately. Three in even years and 2 in odd years. There were therefore 3 positions to fill this year.

  • Louise St-Germain and Wolfgang Tiedeman advised that they would not be running again.

  • During the meeting Daniel Laramée gave way to Sylvie Meury who had submitted his candidacy for Lake Caroline.

New ALSCE board members this year are:

  • Sylvie Meury, Lac Caroline 

  • Daniel Loyer, Lac Evans 

  • Vincent Ygorra, Lac Evans 


This invasive plant is still spreading in the Laurentians and we must be vigilant. We invite you all to help us next weekend September 5 to inspect our 3 lakes.  We will need one team per lake. If we don't find enough participants, it will be the following weekend - so let us know when you are available.


RSVL: Suspension of activities:

We have received notice from Environment Quebec that all lake water testing has been suspended until further notice, however we are trying to get some testing done. The results from 2019 are now available. Click Here for more information.